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We’re a highly charged creative business that understands what motivates people. We connect brands and customers in the places where people connect.

Close friends and brothers, Dave Alukwe and Edd Echesa, founded Beyond Kreative in 2014. Both were creatives with the same values: integrity, honesty and trust. They were also hell-bent on doing their own thing. From those first few years (including time served in a home office), they’ve grown Beyond Kreative into a beautifully formed boutique agency with talent and tenacity.

We’ve worked with some large, iconic brands on planet Beyond Kreative, but our primary focus has been on creating change, growth and success for small to medium sized businesses. We can do this thanks to our years’ worth of knowledge and experience working in ad agencies and design companies around the globe.

Nobody hires us to create something ordinary. At Beyond Kreative we work at the intersection of design, content and technology, where business problems meet creative solutions.

We’re capable of answering any creative brief and solving any business problem.

Our goal is to continually create value for our clients, which is made easier when we’re given the opportunity to challenge conventional thinking. We know that good creative can help achieve our clients’ goals, especially when they view us as an extension of their team, or a long-term partner.


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